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Veritas School


Veritas School offers students and their families the opportunity to grow and learn in a school centered in the Catholic Faith.  The Gospel Spirit of faith, hope, love and mercy are prevalent throughout the school and are expressed through the celebration of Catholic values in Word and Sacrament, individual behaviour, and interpersonal relationships.  The bond between Veritas School and Sacred Heart Parish is strong and continues to grow. 


Veritas offers a high quality education program to students in Kindergarten to Grade 9 and follows the BC Curriculum, as determined by the Ministry of Education.  As a Group 1 Independent School, Veritas receives government funding at a rate of 50% of the per-student cost of the local public school district.  The remainder of funds necessary to successfully operate Veritas School are derived from tuition and valued support from Sacred Heart Parish.  In addition to providing a strong academic program, Veritas offers a Resource Program, a Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten program, an After-School-Care Program, and various sports clubs and teams.


Veritas School opened in 1959 on Lakelse Avenue and was moved to its current site in 1973, joining a new wing.  Further expansions to the school were completed in 1981 and again in 1997.  For many years, Veritas School was staffed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Toronto and Frontier Apostles.  Veritas School presently employs British Columbia certified lay teachers and special education assistants.


While priority is given to Catholic applicants, students and their families are not required to be Catholic to join the Veritas community.  Please contact us for further information on the programs provided by Veritas and registration.

Phone: 250-635-3035



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